Terms and conditions from use


Yes the product arrives wrong to its destination you have 7 days to return it. send us _ an mail through the contact form to give you a return number for those products you have purchased from us and wish to return. For this, the product must be in perfect condition (as purchased), and the purchase must have been made within a month.


Return or refund request:

Special cases (ordered products, products with batteries or discontinued products).

If you cancel or return an order that was made to order just for you (any product that contains batteries or its availability date is after purchase) or because it was not available at the time of purchase (any product that is discontinued or its availability date availability is after the date of purchase) you will get a bonus to spend the money on another product that is on the web. If you do not want any product available on the web, you will get a cancellation bonus that you can spend at any time on any other product that is available on the web or will be available in the future.



All products have a 2-year warranty (except batteries or kits containing a battery, whose warranty is 6 months). Contact through the contact form to open an RMA request.


Each product has its warranty period established by the manufacturer as indicated in the product file on the Web, the warranty period ranges between 6 and 24 months depending on the product. The guarantee covers the defects or deficiencies that a product may have of origin, never those caused by improper use, negligence, ignorance or any other circumstance not attributable to the manufacturer.


In the event of problems with the product, you should contact us by email shop@monorim-deutschland.org or whatsapp +34 696403761, an incident number will be assigned and you will be given instructions for sending the product together with the reference of the order to our facilities to be tested. In the event of a factory fault, the product will be returned to you repaired or, failing that, it will be replaced with a new one, without any charge (except shipping costs that will be borne by the buyer).


Minimum cost of collecting the product for Peninsular Spain is 20 Euros , for outside Spain you must consult your particular case when starting the process. Or, you can use your own means to send it to us.


If the repair of the product is not covered by the guarantee, you acknowledge and assume that; All costs and amounts for verification, repair and/or replacement will be at your expense.


NOTE: Any transformation, manipulation, or unsealing of the sealed product entails the automatic loss of the guarantee.


Suggested preliminary checks before processing the guarantee of a battery:

Although we assume that one of the elements susceptible to a failure in the electric scooter's charging system is the battery, it is made up of various components that can fail such as charger, controller, as well as the charging port. Therefore, we suggest checking the following before carrying out the warranty request process, since the failure may be due to a problem with the electric scooter rather than with the battery itself.


Has the scooter been stopped for a long time (more than 3 months)?

-The lack of use of lithium batteries can damage them, leaving them practically useless if they are not used or charged regularly for long periods of time. This is not covered under warranty. To tackle this problem, a battery maintainer permanently connected to the electric scooter, or regularly charging the scooter or the battery with an external charger can be an alternative to consider.


Check losses. There should be no consumption, with the scooter turned off (such as alarm, locator, immobilizer...). No matter how little consumption there is, the battery will be irreversibly discharged over the days, especially if the electric scooter is used little.

The warranty for lithium batteries is 6 months.

Warranty requests will be accepted for processing in all circumstances within a period of 2 years from the date of shipment according to law for products in general, however you must remember that for batteries the warranty is 6 months according In accordance with the law, our warranty department will make a diagnosis and evaluate the condition of the battery belonging to kits or products that contain batteries outside the 6-month period to provide customer assistance, but the product or the battery as such only has a term 6 month warranty. If it is in good condition, the customer must send the collection or request the shipment at their cost. In the event that the factory fault is confirmed within the 6-month warranty period, we will repair the battery or replace a new battery if repair is not possible.

LITHIUM battery has been deeply discharged due to consumption or lack of charge and is not recognized by the charger (IT IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY!)

In some cases of deep discharge WHEN THE LITHIUM BATTERY IS NOT RECOGNIZED BY THE CHARGER , most likely it has suffered a discharge due to some type of consumption or loss AND THIS IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY.

We suggest you try to charge it with an external charger for which you must FIRST connect the battery in parallel to another charged battery of similar voltage, and
THEN connect the charger, since having zero volts, the charger has no way to recognize the discharged battery . In this way we are "trickling" the loader to start the process.

In about 15 minutes, you can remove the "donor" battery and continue charging the battery in question until charging is complete.

If the battery has taken charge, it is most likely NOT defective, and you will have to look for the reason for the failure elsewhere.

If the battery does NOT charge, you can process the warranty on the web, in the warranty section

Obviously, if you don't want to try it, you can process the guarantee and all the pertinent checks will be made in the corresponding department or eventually it will be charged with a specific charger for these situations, but in the event that the fault is not from the battery, the cost of pick-up and re-expedition will be charged to your name

Finally, please indicate the SERIAL number of the battery , usually at the top, engraved on one end of the cover, or printed with a dot matrix printer, on one of the sides of the battery.




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