In this section you will find the security elements that guarantee your physical integrity, elements that ensure that you are seen by other vehicles, improvements to avoid unexpected breakage of scooter components or locks so that your vehicle is not stolen.

Recommended safety elements to incorporate into your electric scooter.


  • Helmets

    One of the most important safety elements is the helmet, blows to the head during an accident are the most important. It is essential that you use a helmet to circulate with your electric scooter.

    Helmets recommended to use with your electric scooter.

    If you are going to circulate with your electric scooter, it is advisable to use a suitable helmet that protects you and that also guarantees that you are seen by others.

  • Padlocks

    The electric scooter is a light vehicle that can be easily stolen. We recommend that whenever you have to leave your electric scooter somewhere you leave it tied up. We do not recommend always leaving it in the same place for long periods of time.

    Padlocks to tie your electric scooter.

    Padlocks leave your electric scooter tied up while you run a quick errand.

  • Reflective stickers

    Here you will find a great variety of reflective stickers that will help you to be seen by other vehicles when you are driving. Making sure you are seen will prevent you from having unexpected accidents that could be avoided.

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